Individual Therapy

You may be great at caring for the people in your life but need some support caring for yourself. If you want to address the impacts of trauma, find new ways of communicating, learn how to practice self-compassion, connect to community, and access greater joy in life, then you’ve come to the right place. I offer 50-minute individual therapy sessions through the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy, with both virtual and in-person options available.

LGBTQIA+ and Gender-Affirming Therapy

You may want to reflect on aspects of your gender or sexuality that you haven’t had space to explore before, or you might need help strategizing about how to navigate tough family relationships. Even if your goals for therapy don’t revolve around your gender, sexuality, or kink, you deserve a space where you won’t have to explain or justify who you are. My office is also a place for you if you’re questioning, if you don’t have words to describe your experience, or if you’ve ever felt “not queer enough.”

If you’re transitioning, maybe you want to vent about all the red tape and institutional gatekeeping involved in our medicalized model of transition, or maybe you’re primarily looking for an assessment and letter of support for surgery. Whatever’s happening for you, my goal is for you to feel seen and heard in our sessions. I want to prioritize your autonomy and self-determination, which is why I use an informed consent model of care.

Terapia en español

Como hispanohablante, ofrezco terapia tanto en español como en inglés, o hasta en “spanglish.” El lenguaje, la emoción, y la memoria son complejos, y el flujo entre idiomas durante sesiones puede enriquecer la experiencia de terapia. (Se está realizando una traducción completa de este sitio web. Vuelva pronto para ver las actualizaciones.)