My Approach

I aim to use a consent-based model of practice: I want you to know why we’re doing what we’re doing in therapy, and how that moves you towards your goals.

My work is grounded in a power analysis with attention to systems of oppression, because I believe these inequalities profoundly impact mental health. I draw from various theories and frameworks, including relational psychodynamic practice, liberation psychology, and trauma-informed practice. My style is curious, warm, and flexible.

Therapy is a space that is entirely yours. I’ll bring my curiosities and my expertise, but where we go and what we prioritize are up to you.

Being in therapy can help you gain insight into your patterns and learn what you need to start living the life you want and deserve. I create an environment where you can feel heard and seen in all the complexity of your identities and experiences.

There’s no single “right” way to do this, and I’m excited to discover together how therapy can be most useful for you.